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All of our meals are vacuum packed, preserving the food's texture, flavors and nutrients. In addition, the packaging is made from sugar cane and BPA Free, certified with the I'm Green Seal. More health for your table, more awareness for the preservation of the planet's environment.

Got Questions?

The choice of meals sent in each themed box is curated by the chef and cannot be modified. Box meals change periodically, always adapting to the specified diet.

Yes. Subscription to a meal, box or individual item is done through a weekly plan and can be canceled at any time, at no additional cost.

No. Subscription to any item on our menu is optional, without any type of waiting period or minimum number of meals.

Yes. Subscription to any item on our menu is done through a weekly plan and automatically renewed, always respecting the minimum value for delivery. Subscription can be canceled at any time.

Write a complete answer to the Yes. The meals are created and tested by the chef, but can be combined in different ways based on other side dish suggestions on each product page. You can also select ingredients separately in the individual item section.

Yes. In the individual items section, each ingredient can be selected separately for consumption or for creating other meals, in addition to those suggested by the chef.

Yes. Collection can be made at the Yall Foods store, inside FIU (Panthers Pit, 10555 W Flagler St 2nd Floor, Miami, FL 33174)

Yall Foods delivers throughout the state of Florida. The delivery price may vary depending on the address and weight of the items.

Yes. For the delivery option, there is a minimum value of $50 (fifty dollars) for each purchase. For subscriptions, this value also needs to be reached weekly. For in-store pickup, there is no minimum order value.

Yes. Meals are marked with the type of restrictions they may contain. In addition, there are themed boxes, with specific food for a particular diet, and the option to purchase through individual items.

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