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Pork Tenderloin Fig and Apricot with Sweet Potato Mash and Fresh Green Beans with Carrots


Our Pork Tenderloin with Fig & Apricot is a rustic dish that could be enjoyed anywhere from the countryside to the country clubs. Moist medallions of rich pork tenderloin are dressed with the sweet tang of a fig and apricot sauce. Fresh green beans with carrots offer the perfect texture while those hearty, pureed sweet potatoes are right at home in this delivered lunch that blends modern and traditional cuisines.

Individual portion size

455g / 16oz

Sides (approximately)

Pork Tenderloin Fig and Apricot (175g / 6oz)

Sweet Potato Mash (200g / 7oz)

Sautéed Carrots and French Green Beans (80g / 2,5oz)

Amount per serving calories 532


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