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Shrimp Moqueca with Extraordinary Basmati Rice and Butter Farofa


If you’re looking to get into Brazilian cuisine, our Shrimp Moqueca is the perfect place to start. This traditional stew features shrimp simmered in a fragrant broth of seasoned coconut milk. On the side you’ll find another Brazilian staple, farofa, a toasted and seasoned yucca flour. Basmati rice finishes off a dish that’s an exciting and delicious entrance to Brazil’s culinary traditions.

Individual portion size

455g / 16oz

Sides (approximately)

Shrimp Moqueca (175g / 6oz)

Basmati Rice (200g / 7oz)

Butter Farofa (80g / 2,5oz)

Amount per serving calories 807


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