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Pulled Pork with Carreteiro Rice and Mexican Corn


If you googled “home-cooked meals near me,” we’re confident you won’t find a dish the blends unique flavors and home-cooked goodness like our Pulled Pork. The slow-cooked pork is tender and juicy, and it’s served with a side of Carreteiro Rice, a Brazilian staple of long-grain rice with meat and vegetables. Rounding out the menu is fresh corn garnished with cotija cheese.

Individual portion size

455g / 16oz

Sides (approximately)

Pulled Pork (175g / 6oz)

Carreteiro Rice (200g / 7oz)

Mexican Corn (80g / 2,5oz)

Amount per serving calories 853


To access the nutritional table for each individual portion, see the single items page.