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Kung Pao Chicken with Stir-fry Rice Medley and Citrus-Cilantro Baby Lime Bean


We are proud to welcome this member of the Chinese cuisine family to our menu here at Yall Foods. Just like you’d expect, you’ll find tender chicken in a spicy Sichuan sauce tossed with onions and peppers. On the side you have a fluffy stir-fry rice medley with fresh veggies and a side of citrus-cilantro lima beans. On those days when you’re craving Chinese, our Kung Pao Chicken never disappoints.

Individual portion size

455g / 16oz


Kung Pao Chicken (175g / 6oz)

Stir-fry Rice Medley (200g / 7oz)

Citrus-Cilantro Baby Lime Bean (80g / 2,5oz)

Amount per serving calories 608


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