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Fillet Parmigiana with Creamy Risotto Parmigiano and Ratatouille


The classic flavor of a parmigiana are classic for a very good reason, and our Filet Parmigiana is going to be a favorite in your home. A slice of tender filet mignon is pounded, battered and fried so it can take center stage surrounded by creamy risotto and the deep flavor of a fresh veggie ratatouille. When you’re after fresh, fit meals – this is the one that fits the bill.

Individual portion size

455g / 16oz

Sides (approximately)

Fillet Parmigiana (175g / 6oz)

Creamy Risotto Parmigiano (200g / 7oz)

Ratatoulli (80g / 2,5oz)

Amount per serving calories 872


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